The Wolf Kit Pro

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The Wolf Kit Pro

The Wolf Kit
3 ratings

Power up your design flow and save thousands of hours

The most comprehensive, professionally-built design system you’ll ever need. Kickstart your project in minutes and supercharge your design process!

See the demo file: https://www.figma.com/file/C0SQgQCwn4XV3sPa75DFPf/%F0%9F%90%BA-The-Wolf-Kit-(Pro-Version%2C-v.1.0.1%2C-DEMO)?node-id=6%3A679&t=w77rTuKAvgEzkvxa-1

Have a question? Let us know at hello@thewolfkit.com

Learn more: thewolfkit.com

All Figma 2022 new features supported: Auto Layout 4.0, Component properties, Nested instances

1,100+ Global Styles

Ultimate Style Library. We bet you will no longer need other text and color-style libraries. Each color is designed for a specific use case with multiple combinations - guaranteed to pass WCAG contrast ratio

8,000+ Awesome Components and Variants

Tons of Awesome Components and Variants. Pixel-perfect and flexible elements uniquely crafted to give you the ability to create your own complex components

1,000+ Icons & Logos

Icons and logos made with love. Incredible icons drawn on a specially-designed grid that feature both outline and solid styles - as well as editable source files for each icon


Deep customisation in seconds. 100% of Wolf Kit components are covered by 1000+ smart color, typography, and effects styles. Change one style and apply changes to the entire library!


Lightweight and easy to maintain. We built the Wolf Kit using in-depth research on how design systems are used, implemented, and maintained across different teams. This became the foundation for creating a scalable structure for our system

Dark theme

And one more thing... Every excellent product should have a dark theme. That’s why we made the color scheme that allows you to switch the theme for your mockups in one click with special plugins!

All features:

100% Auto Layout 4.0 support

100% Figma properties support

Implement a dark theme with one click

Colors guaranteed to pass WCAG contrast ratio

Add transparent overlays, avatars, shadows, and gradients

Expand your creativity with a smart and flexible typography system

Smart organisation and naming

Lightweight and clean structure

All possible states for each component

Each icon has 2 styles

We provide sources for each icon

Perfectly balanced icon grid

Dev-friendly naming for icons

30-day money back guarantee

Free updates for life

Perfect asset naming for easy searching

Using components does not load the CPU heavily

Scalable components structure split into logical blocks

Have a question? Let us know at hello@thewolfkit.com

Learn more: thewolfkit.com

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Lifetime updates
Auto Layout 4.0
Component properties
Nested instances
30-day money-back guarantee
For unlimited projects
Responsive grid system
Genius color & text styles
Icons & Logos
Smart components & variants
59.5 MB


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